Goodwin Soft XML API Integration

Goodwin Soft XML API Integration

Goodwin Soft XML API Integration

Ukraine based Goodwin soft XML Integration was established in year 2004 represented by Director Alexander Tyurin providing best hotel XML API Integration for travel agencies and travel agents. GOODWIN SOFT, legal entity under the law of Ukraine, whose registered office is situated at 01011, 8, Rybalska str., Kyiv, Ukraine.

Every market is growing faster where Goodwin Soft XML API Integration has powerful ecosystem for growing the travel business for travel agencies. Local suppliers can push up the market, and get in race with competitive global holdings (such as Booking, Expedia and other global players)

Goodwin soft XML API Integration has created and promptly shares your unique content. Associate to boundless content of external suppliers with Goodwin soft. Manage your any processes from any location around the world. Goodwin soft XML API Integration delivers well organized access to content for your agents and customers (Booking Engine). Automate document exchange whenever you want. Integrate with global suppliers of hotels to grow your local business. Flexibly configure incoming and outgoing content with help of XML API Integration of hotels.

Advantages of Goodwin Soft XML Integration

  • Extensive experience in tourism industry.
  • Integration with XML-gates.
  • Own contracts management.
  • Business Process Automation.
  • Partners access to the system.
Goodwin Soft XML API Integration

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