WHL XML API Integration

WHL XML API Integration

WHL XML API Integration

WHL XML API Integration was represented in 2000 and it is a leading company of Albatravel Group, some portion of strategic expansion which prompted the production of an internal supply chain, having in this manner an organization that could go about as Wholesaler in providing accommodation to their industry.

WHL XML Supplier primary objective is to purchase at the best guaranteed expense and also the ability to create advanced technological systems that enables them to compete inside the most important markets around the globe. In 2004, WHL XML API Integration figured out how to grow its market, selling to real wholesalers in Europe and North America and real investments were towards the technological advancements of XML integrations.

Currently WHL XML API Integration delivers more than 6000 hotels with Net Rates for approx. 27.000 contracts. WHL XML Supplier additionally gives more than over 10.000 rooms accessible every day, last minute availability by methods of channel manager connectivity for hotels in categories from 2 to 5 stars and flats.

Sales and service workplace have been opened in key area. Today WHL XML API Integration has 2 workplace in Italy (Rome, Venice), 1 in UK (London), 1 in Spain (Madrid) and 1 in the United States of America (Orlando).

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Right now the WHL XML API Integration portfolio counts more than 4.000 direct hotels contracted for all the more than 16.000 direct contracts. A steady renegotiation of rates is supported by staff of 18 purchasers and 16 data entry of WHL’s offices.

WHL API Integration is likewise a member of RIPE which gives, recognize and protect the developing technological help.

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