Hotel Contracting

Hotel Contracting System


We have developed a strong hotel contracting system where travel agency can efficiently manage hotels and their information. Hotel contracting system is an advanced platform to upload all the information about hotels. In technology terms, one hotel is shown on many online booking engines either through offline contracting or through XML/API integration.

Each hotel needs to provide every kind of information to travel agency, in order to be shown on their respective online booking engines. Such information contains – allocation of rooms, types of rooms, meals, occupancy, rates for various types of rooms, offers and promotions, rates for peak seasons and low seasons, facilities included and excluded, extra beds, cancellation policies, children policies, special events’ rates etc. Managing the inventories of various hotels and their rates according to special events and seasons is a challenging task which requires an efficient and flawless system.

We have developed a full-fledged module for hotel contracting which allows hotels to provide even small details, so that your customers or agents will be able to check even minor details, ultimately guiding them for selection of hotels.

Hotel Contracting System includes:

Hotel Info: Hotel Info contains all general hotel details such as hotel name, location (country and city), property type (villa type, standard type, etc) and star rating (3*, 4*, 5*, etc.). The group of properties acquiring the hotels should also be mentioned in here. It also includes other details such as address & contact, latitude and longitude with accurate location. The information regarding the reservation such as Reservation No. and Reservation Email is also mentioned in here. Management information should also be updated.

Hotel Overview: In Hotel Overview, you have to enter the Hotel Description which includes proper location, date of establishment and the services offered. Check-in and check-out time must be specified along with their relevant policies. You can also add more information such as new policies or anything else in the description section. You have the option to edit it as well. You can also sort out information in order i.e. you can set up hotel description in 1st number and check-out time on second and so on.

Hotel Amenity: A Hotel amenity is a top-notch service provided by the hotels together with the room and essentials while renting out a hotel room. These amenities include fruit basket, bouquet, hot water, etc. You can add new amenity and also edit the existing amenities. Amenities which are to be displayed should be kept checked and those which are not available should be kept unchecked.

Room Master: In Room Master, you can add the capacity for all room types. Room occupancy can be single, double or triple depending upon the hotel policy. You can also define both the adult and child capacity (No. of adults and children to be accommodated in this room type) In case of standard room-type, the customer can opt for an Extrabed only if there are 2 adults and 0 children. If there are 2 children and 2 adult then he will not be able to opt for an Extrabed. In other room-types, Charges are applicable for an adult opting for extrabed and the cost of extrabed is free for children. Meal Rates policy, Extrabed Policy, Cancellation Policy and Discount Policy can also be set age wise, room type wise and season wise. You will find out about allocation details (on which days it is allocated).

Rate Master: In Rate Master, you can define a new season such as New Year, Eid, etc which is the peak season in which rates will be applied. If you want to keep the rates for another season same as the peak season, then you just have to click on child option so that another season becomes child season of the parent season (Peak season). The currency of the hotel will be dependent upon the location of country. Different rates policies are available for this hotel in different seasons. The seasons with surcharge will appear in a green color and you have to define rates as per the availability of board types. You can also increase the current season rates in the next season. Copy Price means rates will be increased by the amount specified for whatever weekdays are allocated. Copy To Weekend means rates will be increased by the amount specified only for the weekends allocated.

Meal Rate Master: You can define the rates of breakfast, lunch and dinner in Meal Rate Master. Nationality has two options; When you select All Markets (except Indian market) , you will see different rates for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will have to define rates for India also. Adult has to pay the rates for breakfast, lunch and dinner if he opts for it. GD is New Year's Eve Gala Dinner which is compulsory in UAE. In common room the rates of all seasons are going to be same for children of age-groups of 0-5 years and 6-11 years. Copy Price and Copy To Weekend logic is same as in rate master. You can also add other information in Policy Description. This info will vary as per policies of hotels.

Extrabed Master: Extrabed Master works in the same way as the Meal Rate Master. The rates of Extrabed will be same in worldwide. Here a person of age 10 years and above is considered as an adult and the person of age 9 years and less is considered as a child. If an adult opts for an extrabed then the charges will be applicable. In case if the extrabed is taken for a child there no charges will be applicable. You can also add other information in Policy Description. This info will vary as per policies of hotels.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation Policy of a hotel is defined according to the time slabs such as Peak season, High Season, Low Season, etc and it will be same for all the room types. For High Season, if the booking is cancelled 3 nights prior to the check-in then 100% charges of 1 Night will be applicable. In case of No Show ( do not visit at all ) than 100% charges of 1 night will be applicable. For Peak Season, if the booking is cancelled 10 nights prior to the check-in then 100% charges of 1 Night will be applicable. If the booking is cancelled 10 nights prior to the check-in then 100% charges for all days (No. of days booked) will be applicable.

Offers and Promotions: Discover the best offers and promotions for your worldwide Hotels.

Allocation Master: Allocation is an inventory of a specific type of room for a specific hotel. In Allocation Master, you can define the number of rooms allocated. These rooms may be deluxe room type, club room type, premium sweet, studio room, apartment room and so on. These rooms are allocated according to the date slabs. For eg, you can sell 10 no. of deluxe and 10 no. of club room type in the time slab of 1st June to 30th June. Release is applicable if the allocated room number is not sold within the given time period, i.e. from 1st June to 30th June. If release date is 2 means prior to 30 June means on 28 June these allocations will not be valid. If not sold till the particular date than 2 days prior they will get allocations withdrawn from you.

Hotel Image Master: In Hotel Image Master you can browse, add and delete any number of images for a particular hotel. The image size should be within the range of 150 kb. If any heavy image of size 1 MB or 2MB is added than it will create problems in loading pages quickly. The image can also be compressed using optimizilla.

MLOS: MLOS is the minimum length of stay. Hoteliers will have to specify the minimum number of days the customers have to stay in the peak season. The MLOS rule will be applied to all roomtypes. So the customers have to stay for minimum number of days defined previously. The hoteliers can also add check-in and check-out options for the peak season which depend on the policies of hotels and this logic is only applied in peak season where MLOS is required.


  • Competent management system even for complex hotel contracting
  • Support for the management of rate updates from all your contracted hotels
  • Comprehensive platform to enter your hotel contracts in order to fulfill your end users’ buying needs