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Mustafa Alabsi
5 /5
K.D. Singh
5 /5
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5 /5
Deepak Hiranandani
5 /5
Rahil Shaikh
5 /5
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Thuan Dao
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Technoheaven is a travel software development company develop popular travel based travel agency software that automate sales, operations, marketing and finances for Inbound Tour operators and Outbound Tour operators, Travel Agency, Online Travel Agency to help them to manage bookings, package customization, itinerary creation and quotation management to make a large portfolio of travel products like hotels, flights, transfers and activities to increase bookings.

Technoheaven is the world's leading Travel Software Development Company in USA/UK/UAE/Asia/India offer a travel software development platform for travel agency, tour, activities and attractions.

Travel Agency Software is a travel based popular travel software that manage and automates sales, bookings, operations and finances for Inbound Tour operators and Outbound Tour operators, Travel Agency, Online Travel Agency, Travel Company to manage their package customization, itinerary creation and booking to make a large portfolio of travel products like hotels, flights, transfers and activities to increase bookings.

It can easily simplify the process of online booking, inventory management, package customization, back-office management, itinerary creation, simplify business leads, accounting and more to helps travel agency to maximize bookings and reduce their cost.

Travel Agency Software Reviews

What is the best travel agent software? What software do travel agencies use? How Travel agency Software can transform your travel business? How do you manage a travel agency?

Travel Agency Software

What is the Best Travel Agency Software?

Travel Agency Software is travel software that helps Inbound Tour operators, Outbound Tour operators, Travel Agency, Online Travel Agency, Travel Company to automate sales, operations, and finances to manage online bookings, itinerary creation, package customization, quotation management and make a large portfolio of travel products like hotels, flights, transfers and activities to increase bookings.

What is the Best Travel Agency Software?

What Software Do Travel Agencies Use?

Travel Agencies find the travel software that is highly customized, simplify the fastest process and reduce their operational cost. Technoheaven Travel Software Development Company based in USA/UK/UAE/Asia/India offer best travel agent software platform for travel agency, tour, activities and attractions. Take your business to next level at travel industry by enabling online bookings in real time with manage resources and connect some of the world’s largest travel networks such as Expedia.

What Software Do Travel Agencies Use?

How travel agency software can transform your travel business?

Travel Agency software is the travel software that helps Travel Company to manage the large portfolio of travel products like hotels, flights, transfers and activities with different supplier connectivity, package customization, quotes, itineraries, payment Integration, marketing and finances to help to increase the booking and transform your business to success.

travel agency software transform

Why travel agents need to choose travel agency software?

  • Interactive navigate system.
  • Manage back-office easily.
  • Manage revenue easily.
  • Multi-Currency and Multilanguage.
  • Help travel agent to manage business process.
  • Improve client's travel processes.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Increase business profitability.
  • Beneficial for travel agent, tour operators, travel agency, Destination Management Company, online travel agency.
  • It adds real-time travel content like documents, descriptions, videos, maps and pictures to travel packages.
  • It helps in management of payment policies, promotions, discounts, blackout dates, stay restrictions and supplements.
  • It helps in updating multiple travel inventories such as unit-based pricing, ranged based costing and occupancy based rates and sells travel product quickly.
  • It helps travel agencies to access detailed insight about billing, settlement and reporting which is important for travel management companies.
travel agents need

Which is the Best Travel Agency Software Features?

Best Travel Agency Software features:

  • Multi-Currency and Multilanguage
  • Travel Itinerary Creation
  • Travel Package Customization
  • Travel Booking Management
  • Group travel booking
  • Flexible Payments
  • Third Party/ GDS Integration
  • Invoice Management
  • Multiple Sales Channels
  • Quotation Management
  • Easy Ticket Settlement
  • Instant Confirmation
  • Generate passenger manifest reports and many more.

How Travel agency Software beneficial for travel agent and tour operator?

  • Promote accommodations (apartments, hotels, resorts, guest houses and villas.)
  • Automate travel process.
  • Centralize travel bookings.
  • Easy Error Correction.
  • Faster Integration.
  • External transaction import routines.
  • Quick response.
  • Faster Travel Business Growth.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Less time-consuming.
  • Get online payments.
  • Increase profits.
  • Improve business efficiency.
  • Increase travel business productivity.
  • Fast keyboard entry of transactions.
  • Track travel inventory and sales.
  • Generate Standard Management Reports.

Which are different uses of Travel Agency Software for travel business?

Here is the list Travel Agency Software Uses:

  • Travel CRM Functionality.
  • Instant Purchase of services.
  • Reduce Operation Costs.
  • Quick & Efficient Online Travel Portal.
  • Auto-general email confirmation feature.
  • Availability check feature.
  • Accounting Management.
  • Travel Contract Management.
  • Centralized travel booking system.
  • Backoffice travel booking Management.
Travel Agency Software

How Travel Agency Software Work?

See Travel Agency Software Demo

This video shows you technoheaven client testimonials about how travel agency software is beneficial to their business. Also, Find best Travel Agency Software services and subscribe to techno heaven consultancy for best travel agency software features and benefits to transform travel agency into successful travel business.

What are the top module of travel agency software?

Hotel Contracting Module
hotel contracting module in travel agency software

Travel Agency Software offers best feature of Hotel Contracting which is core and essential module that every reservation management system requires. Hotel Contact Master allows you to upload your own contracted hotels and manage your hotel inventory. Our Hotel contracting modules enables you to add your hotels with hotel info, hotel overviews, photo gallery, room type and amenities details, season/slab wise room rates, extrabed rates, cancellation policy, offers discounts and promotions.

Dynamic & Multiple Tour Option
dynamic packaging software for travel agency

In todays’ booking scenario, people want everything tailored that is ever-changing and as per their own needs. So, we have powered our travel agency software portals with dynamic packaging system which let you build holiday packages as per your customer requirements. Even consumers can select and combine specific hotels, tours, transfer and other add-ons to their holiday package and build package as per their choice.

Ticketing Module
travel agency ticketing software

Ticketing module is one of most important feature of travel agency software which assists you to keep track record of tickets confirmed, issued and redeemed. Managing allocations becomes hassle free for your clients and it also helps end users by preventing inconvenience after booking till the tour gets executed.

Quotation Management System
travel agency quote software

This exclusive feature of travel agency software is added for the smooth functioning of your agents or business partners. The agent can add markup and create multiple quote options with different hotels, activities, meals at the same time. This facilitates end user to select from multiple options for building their packages or tours. The agent can even save the quotation and edit the same later on. The can be downloaded in PDF format or can be mailed to the customers with the itinerary & pricing. An option of ‘add quotation to booking’ allows agent to book it for customer and block the same for 72 hours. This blocking will be auto released if either customer/agent fails to make the payment.

Activity Barcode Scanner
activity barcode scanner for travel agency

Travel Agency Software comes with Barcode API functionality which generates barcodes for booking vouchers. Barcode API supports JPEG, JPG and PNG images and validates many types of popular 2D barcode. Using Barcode scanner app on smartphone or tablet user can precisely read and validates barcodes and information associated with that.

User Management System
user management system in travel agency software

User Management System allows customer to easily register or sign-up using their social profile to create account your travel portal. Customer can manage their personal profiles, view booking history and upload their travel photos by signing into account.

  • User login and Registration
  • Signup via Social channels
  • Manage Profile
  • Upload Collection of Travel Photos
Multi-Currency and Multilingual
multi currency and language module for travel agency

Our travel agency software supports multiple currency and multiple languages which is beneficial to expand your business all over the globe. You can sell your products to customer residing in different countries with the help of multilingual and multi-currency travel portal. For example, if customer from UAE visits your website then system serve your site in Arabic and show in AED.

Wish-list & Shopping cart Application
wish-list & shopping cart feature in travel agency software

Travel Agency Software supports enterprise level e-commerce functionalities. Wish Lists enable your buyer to make list of favorite items they would like to have while shopping. Items added to wish list appears in their account and from there they can easily add to bag and purchase.

Our secure shopping cart enables your customer to select multiple products and pay for them in a single transaction via secure payment gateway. Shopping cart automatically shows product details and prices in customer’s regional language and local currency, so they can easily review order and pay for them online.

Coupon Code & Payment Gateway
 travel agency software with payment gateway and coupon code

To attract customer and boost sales travel agents need to offer discounts and rewards. Coupons are a great way to offer discount and promote sale. Our travel agency software comes with built-in coupon code logic which enables travel agents to generate coupon code and give it to customer to avail coupon discounts offered on products.

Our travel agency software integrated with secure payment gateways which have built-in fraud detection features; accept payments made by customer using credit / Debit cards directly into bank accounts.

Mobile Friendly Design
 travel agency software with mobile-friendly design

Travel Agency Software also comes with mobile-responsive designs feature. Responsive websites are crucial for any online business. Many customers use mobiles devices to make their reservation so having website optimized for mobile devices enables your customers to directly book on your websites, from anywhere, at any time. Our website accepts mobile bookings from any device so you don't miss out any leads.

Flight Booking Software:
flight booking software for travel agents

Automate flight booking process and provide online flight bookings for particular seats available from various flights.

SEO Service:
seo for travel agencies

Complete Search Engine Optimization with Geo-targeting benefit for targeting website in multi-regions and multi-language.

DMC Software
destination management software for travel agency

Destination Management Software automate business process from inventory and itinerary creation to reservations and payments for a clear insight of business reporting.

hotel, tour, transfer extranet for travel agency

Extranet System for Hotels, Tours, Transfers designed for travel agents to upload their supplier or partner inventory and gives them access to update inventory information.

Which are different uses of Travel Agency Software for travel business?

Here is the list Travel Agency Software Uses:

  • Travel CRM Functionality
  • Instant Purchase of services
  • Reduce Operation Costs
  • Quick & Efficient Online Travel Portal
  • Auto-general email confirmation feature
  • Availability check feature
  • Accounting Management
  • Travel Contract Management
  • Centralized travel booking system
  • Backoffice travel booking Management