Hotel Booking System

Hotel Booking System

Hotel Booking Software

Hotel Booking System

Hotel Booking System is online booking engine that allows guests to make secure online reservations through hotel website and helps hotels to accept bookings and collect payments online.

Hotel Booking System is complete hotel quotation booking system that comes with the key role of Hotel XML IN, Hotel XML Out, Hotel Channel Manager, Hotel Extranet and Own Contracting to help hotels to automate day-to-day hotel operations and increase bookings.

How do Hotel Booking System Works?

Hotel Booking System is online reservation system that processes all hotel reservations made through hotel website and manage hotel room availability and bookings online. It also provides instant confirmation for hotel bookings and increase customer experience.

Hotel Reservation System is online software that allows guests to schedules the dates and length of the stay, select room types and make payments in one place.

Now-a- days, most of the travelers book hotels online, so Hotels are looking for an online system to maximize their hotel revenues.

Hotel Booking System is complete Hotel Booking IT Solution comes with Hotel Quotation Booking System for travel agent, tour operator and hotel chains to collect the inventory of hotels from multiple sources to present their clients with the best prices including bedbanks and channel managers and direct contracts.

Find the best Hotel Booking System that simplify hotel operations, increase efficiency and maximize online bookings.

In this time, Technoheaven Hotel Booking System is the best option.

Technoheaven is a leading Travel Software Development Company offers the best Hotel Booking Software with the key role of Hotel Extranet, OTH, Hotel XML IN, Hotel XML Out and Hotel Channel Manager for hotels to automate day-to-day hotel management operations and maximize revenues.

Key Role of Hotel Booking System:

Hotel Extranet:

It allows travel agents and hoteliers to upload their partner or supplier hotels and gives access to online system to update hotel inventory online.

OTH (Own Contracting):

It allows hoteliers to upload your own contracted hotels i.e., all hotel info such as room allocation, room types, occupancy, meals, room rates, etc. and sell directly contracted hotels.

Hotel XML IN:

The hotel inventory is dynamically integrated into online travel portal of travel agents and hoteliers enabling to provide their customers with high-quality accommodations at competitive prices from global suppliers.

Hotel XML OUT:

Allows to distribute your own hotel inventory to travel partners and sub agents through XML Out of your system via XML/API.

Hotel Channel Manager:

Allows hotels to distribute their inventory across various online channels and maximize their selling capacity and increase bookings.

Hotel Management System

Hotel Booking System is complete hotel management system that manage all operations in the hotel industry business. It works by processing online reservation securely through hotel’s website. This hotel data can be accessed by hotels to manage bookings and provides instant confirmation for hotel reservations.

Hotel management Software is complete hotel quotation management system which automates hotel operations, manage real-time hotel room availability, rates, and other hotel data to increase online bookings, improve guest booking experience and maximize hotel revenues.

Our professionals develop best hotel booking software with best 80+ XML In and XML OUT Supplier worldwide and provide best hotel data to increase the customer experience and develop strong hotel contacting system which can fit your business brand.

Hotel Booking Software is complete hotel reservation system which is easily integrated in hotel website allowing guests to make online reservations through hotel website and provide hoteliers with hotel channel management and other resources to improve customer experience and increase online bookings.

It allows hoteliers to provide their customers with best options for hotel rooms, amenities coupled with online booking and payment option to improve guest experience from booking to post-stay.

Before selecting Hotel Booking System, you must see that hotel booking system features are exact match for your business.

Which are the key features of Hotel Booking System?

Here is the list of hotel booking system features:

  • Hotel Search and Book Functionality

  • Reservation Management

  • Channel Management

  • Hotel API Integration

  • Back-office management

  • Multiple-currency feature

  • Multilanguage feature

  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • Mobile-responsive design

  • Detailed Reports

Now, let’s have a quick look into benefits of hotel booking system.

What are the benefits of Hotel Booking System?

Here are hotel booking system benefits:

  • Easily integrate in Hotel Website

  • Simplify Hotel Booking Process

  • Instant Booking Confirmation

  • Reduces operational costs

  • Saves Time

  • Online Hotel Inventory Distribution

  • Hotel management.

  • Improve customer booking experience

  • Increase booking and revenue

See Hotel Booking System Video and get idea about how hotel booking system works, which are its key components, what are hotel booking system benefits and key features.