Dynamic Packaging

Dynamic Packaging

Dynamic Packaging

What is Dynamic Packaging?

Dynamic Packaging

Dynamic Packaging is process of creating customized package wherein consumers can build their own package by combining multiple travel services like flights + hotels, flight + transfer, flight + tour, flight + hotel + tour, flight + car rental, etc in one package based on their choice.

Dynamic Packaging is used in package holiday bookings enabling customers to build customized package with hotels, flights, car rental and tour instead of purchasing a pre-defined package.

How Dynamic Packaging Works?

Dynamic Packaging works by dynamically sourcing flights, hotels, car rental and other travel components in real-time for the package. These components are then dynamically combined into packages and price is also set up dynamically. Dynamic packaging is dynamic at all levels.

Dynamic Packaging System For Tour Operator and Travel Agent

Who offers best Dynamic Packaging System? and Why Travel Agent use Dynamic Packaging System?

Technoheaven is leading Travel Technology Company offer best Dynamic Packaging System with powerful dynamic packaging software solution for tour operators enabling their customers to build customized package with hotels, flights, car rental and other travel services instead of purchasing a pre-defined package.

Dynamic Packaging provides a wide range of travel services including flight, hotel, transfer, and other travel services that can be reserved together as one tour or vacation package.

Dynamic Packaging System is complete Dynamic Packaging Software comes with advanced Dynamic Packaging Engine which helps to identify business rules that are applied to customer at time of booking so it becomes easy to add mark-up and dynamically package flight, hotel and other service in one vacation package.

This Dynamic Packaging System empowers tour operators and travel agents to store travel inventory of flight, hotel, tour, transfer, car rental and other travel solutions and dynamically combine it together into one tour or vacation package as per customer requirements.

Dynamic Packaging comes with advanced feature of XML API Integration which allow travel agent to get inventory of flights, hotels, etc from global travel suppliers and combine it with their inventory to build dynamic packages of multiple services such as hotels, flights, tours, transfers.

Technoheaven have team of experienced developers who develop best Dynamic Packaging System, Dynamic Packaging Software, with advanced Dynamic Packaging Engine that come with Dynamic Packaging Solution which help travel agents or tour operator to manage inventory, define business rules, set prices and markup and build package as per customer requirements.

See how Dynamic Packaging is beneficial for Travel Business and Which are best features of Dynamic Packaging.

What are Benefits of Dynamic Packaging?

Dynamic Packaging Benefits allow travel companies to :

  • Expand their Product Offerings

  • Improve Conversion Rates

  • Provide travelers with one-stop shop for all Package Needs.

  • Offer different travel services in one platform

  • Allow package customization

  • Offer competitive prices

  • Simple and Easy Booking Management

  • Reduces operational costs

  • Increase Business Efficiency

  • Increase Profits

Which are the best features of Dynamic Packaging?

See Dynamic Packaging Features :

  • Package and Sell multiple travel services in single platform

  • Establish your own business rules

  • Itinerary Creation

  • Add Markup

  • Package Choice and Customization

  • Flexibility

  • Invoice Management

  • Payment system integration

  • Multilanguage feature

  • Multicurrency feature

  • Mobile Responsive Design

Dynamic Packaging Module – One-stop Dynamic Packaging Software Solution to package and sell multiple travel services (flight + hotel + car rental) in one package tailor-made to suit the travelers/customer’s requirements.

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