Hotel Extranet

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Hotel Tour Transfer Extranet - Tourism Extranet System for your suppliers and external users.

Hotel Extranet or Tour Extranet or Transfer Extranet or Travel Extranet, for all travel business these extranet system is best for it. It supports both extranet users and partners. When it will integrated in your travel portal than it will be available for both side via Internet. And external users can easily add real time inventory and edit data like hotel contracts and many more travel service.

Travel agent can allow editing the travel service information like price and special deals. Also hotel extranet system automatically informs the supplier about booking and previously bookings changes.

What is Hotel Extranet?

Hotel extranet is hotel reservation system allow travel agents to upload their real-time hotels inventory or their partner or suppliers hotel inventory and gives them access to put information about the availability, hotels rooms, price and other relevant data of hotel for management of online hotel inventory, booking and payments.

Hotel extranet is also known as Hotel Reservation System which is commonly used by hotel, motel, resort and villa.

Which Information Store in Hotel Extranet?

Hotel Extranet is hotel reservation System which stores all hotel information including availability, hotels rooms, price, images, policies and other relevant data that can be helpful at the time of hotel booking.

How to work Hotel Extranet?

It allow hoteliers, vendors, and partners to simplified their tasks such as managing their inventory, room rate management, meal plan, images, hotel details, and so on. It gives them access through a unique login and password, where they can check reports and bookings through this online channel. Agents and customers also register here to get the best b2b hotel rates from suppliers.

What are the key features of Hotel Extranet?

Features of Hotel Extranet:

Real-time data and inventory

Easily access Agent Dashboard

Auto email notification

Payment Integration

Easily Generate Report

Room Management

Rate Management

View confirmed, Modified and Cancelled Booking

Markup Management

Special Deal Management

Policy(Cancellation, Terms & Conditions & Child) Management

How Hotel Extranet beneficial for hotel business?

Benefits of Hotel Extranet:

  • All hotels listed in one single window.
  • Easy to set allocation and special deal
  • Easy to seasonal special deal
  • Brilliant user management
  • Best Hotel Reservation System
  • Responsive Design
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Tour Extranet

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Tour Extranet is tour booking engine where suppliers get registered and manage their tour inventory, real time availability, and pricing. It easily configures and automates tour inventory management on B2B and B2C Travel Portal and makes inventory distribution easier via XML API on markup basis.

What are the key features of Tour Extranet?

Features of Tour Extranet:

Fully Flexible Solutions

Real Time Availability

Pricing Management

Deals Management

Markup Management

Easy Booking Management

Cancellations Booking Management

Date wise filter

Multilanguage capability

Cancellation Policy Management

Child Policy Management

Multicurrency features

How Tour Extranet beneficial?

Benefits of Tour Extranet:

  • Easily Integrated
  • Automated Process
  • Best Customization Option
  • Easy Communication with users, client and supplier
  • Easy Inventory Management
  • Multiple Payment Integration
  • Responsive Design
  • Multilanguage capability
  • Multicurrency features

Transfer Extranet

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Transfer Extranet is the transfer operation management system which display real time data at recent transfer activities with running status and allow driver to allocate and initialize in target job and release their detail and vehicle details(Vehicle no, Vehicle type, Target job).

What are the key features of transfer extranet?

Features of transfer extranet:

Advance search available with multiple options

Get overview of - Driver Required, Guide Required, Cancelled, Completed

See overview of pickup location chart

Provide the data of hotels for preferred pick up location

Get the real time data at recent transfer activities

Provide data of running transfer status (Driver Required, Assigned, Cancelled, Completed)

Private and group transfer bookings

Easily Generate different Report

How Transfer Extranet beneficial?

Benefits of Transfer Extranet:

  • Get the detailed report of driver, vehicle, supplier and etc
  • Get the best option of hotel for pickup
  • Secure and easy
  • Best Customer Experience
  • Easily provide driver information (name, phone number and vehicle details)
  • Easily provide vehicle details (Vehicle no, Vehicle type, Target job)
  • Get the Booking status (driver required, cancelled, complete or assign)

Technoheaven is integrated with multiple supplier for hotel, tour and transfer and provide the best extranet system for travel agent and supplier which is easily integrated and increase productivity.