NDC Level 4 Certication from IATA

NDC Level 4 Certication from IATA

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Technoheaven is certified with NDC Level 4 from the IATA (International Air Transport Association) and this NDC Level 4 Certification confirms that Technoheaven has ability to support “Full Offer and Order Management” capability, enabling changes in NDC bookings of travelers.

NDC ( New Distribution Capability) is a travel industry-supported program launched by IATA that allows adoption of XML-based data transmission standard ( NDC Standard ) to simplify communication between airlines and travel agents.

Technoheaven is NDC Level 4 Certified and this Level 4 NDC certification allows Technoheaven to be a part of the NDC Registry where all the companies certified as NDC-Certified or NDC-Capable are listed in accordance with the IATA Guide to the NDC.

Our NDC Capable Level 4 Certification will enable travel agencies to access NDC Content without any additional charges of GDS, expand their airline content with ancillaries and competitive prices from various airlines, sell flight tickets and ancillaries to global customers.

Technoheaven is connected with NDC ( New Distribution Capability ) to deliver end-to-end integration of airline content according to customers' requirements via NDC Connectivity.

It can be implemented by any of the business including IT provider, intermediary, third party as well as a non-IATA member to drive forward the NDC and facilitate airline distribution in worldwide.

For enhanced travel retailing capability with the adoption of NDC, We have been working with airlines, travel agents, travel agencies and customers to automate airline distribution process by addressing the limitations of product differentiation, rich content access, shopping experience and there are lots of benefits of NDC Airline for airlines, travel agents, GDSs, IT providers and travel startups and companies.

What are the Benefits of NDC Airline?

Benefits of NDC Airline:

Allows airlines to consolidate and present all travel inventory in a single platform

Allows airlines to consolidate and present all travel inventory in a single location

Offer customized package based on customer choice

Deliver rich airline content to customers

Efficient airline distribution

Sell ancillary services

Deliver rich airline content to customers

Add airline products to their product offering and increase sales capability

We focus on driving NDC forward to provide travel industry businesses with the benefit of enhanced retailing.