BeMyGuest XML Outbound

BeMyGuest XML Outbound

BeMyGuest XML Outbound

Singapore based BeMyGuest launched in 2012. Expanding in the immense travel industry and intensifying quickly as the lead for tour, hotels, activities and attraction inventory in Asia. Also regional offices located in in Manila and Kuala Lumpur.

Singapore based travel agency organization, BeMyGuest has excellently coordinated high-tech industries and traditional travel industries, providing more than 300 million individuals with remote applications, tour booking, activities hotel reservations, travel vacations and attractions located worldwide.

Enhance online reservation and empowering online travel business for immense travel domain into numerous destinations, BeMyGuest is well-known as the Asian travel experience specialist.

BeMyGuest allows travel suppliers and distributors to engage with extensive range of modern travel solutions which can interpret into existing travel technology with travel products particularly designed for the prerequisites of this inimitable ecosystem.

Technoheaven delivers an excellent approach to connect via XML out with BeMyGuest. Think of a unique program by centralizing telephone, web, mobile and XML bookings, with integrated operations and billing, add an online strategy to capture and convert customers and enjoy success.

Alpha Tours XML Integration

Through the BeMyGuest XML out, you will have the capacity to disperse all your product contributions to your clients progressively. XML out with BeMyGuest depends on the International Open Travel Alliance (OTA) arranged with the goal that your client's reconciliations are standard and should be possible all the more effortlessly to begin accepting automatic bookings.

Technoheaven provides hospitality professionals at Hotels, Management Companies, Hotel Chains and Travel Websites with technology solutions that improve the way they present their properties online to travel Suppliers. Our team of Technoheaven offers dedicated support with maintenance and with regular updates.

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