Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Technoheaven is a Dubai-headquartered web development company that specializes in design and development of websites, aside from social media marketing, SEO, database design, and other web related services. Your privacy is of paramount significance to us, and hence we take all rational effort to ensure the safety of your private information. Please read this privacy policy to get a clear understanding on how we collect, utilize and protect your personal data.

Collection & Use of Your Personal Data

We do not entail our web visitants to provide their personal data to browse our website. Nevertheless, we deploy a tracking application to evaluate and track the web visitor count to our website. This statistics is mainly deployed to gauge the performance of our website and enhance the quality of our website as well as services. On the other hand, personal information collected from our customers or registered members is solely used to provide them with the services they requested. This includes your name, address, email id, telephone number, and payment details.

Accuracy of Information

The accuracy of your information, by and large, depends on the legitimacy of the information you provide. We, therefore, request you to notify us any change to your private data by sending us an email. This will enable to keep your data exact and up-to-date.

Disclosure of Your Personal Data

We do not supply or else sell your personal data to third parties without your explicit consent. However, upon the receipt of a valid legal notice or court order, Technoheaven will disclose personal information to police, juridical, or other law governing bodies. Likewise, Technoheaven holds the right to reveal information pertaining to a client or visitor, if it is proved to Technoheaven that he or she uses its products or services for illegitimate activities.

Protection of Your Private Information

In order to safeguard it from the threat of alteration, disclosure or destruction, we store your private data in highly secured environment.

Assurance of Protection of Data

While it’s true that we make all attempts to ensure the protection of your personal information, it is vital to note that we cannot provide any authoritative assurance with reference to its security. Technoheaven, therefore, should not be held liable in any respect to any breach of protection or any unintentional loss or seep out of your information.

Use of Cookies

With a string of characters, a cookie, alternatively known as HTTP cookie and browser cookie, simply refers to a small file that a particular website sends to the users’ device for identifying their unique browser. This, in turn, promotes for an easy and quick registration as well as log in procedures. However, please be informed that a cookie will not extract any data from your hard drive, nor will it disclose any personal information of yours, or access cookie files set up by other web pages. At Technoheaven, we utilize the data collected from a cookie to analyze the quality of our website.

Links to Third Party Websites

Technoheaven’s website may have links to other websites by way of ad banners. We request our users to be conversant that Technoheaven do not have any dominance or governance over the third party websites, and hence we cannot be legally responsible for the privacy or protection of any data that you may provide as part of browsing those websites.

Security of Minors

It is the policy of Technoheaven not to solicit any private information from minors, in particular kids below 13 years old. In fact, not any part of our website is structured to grab the attention of children.

Your Consent

With the access or use of, you give us consent to collect as well as use the information while accepting to abide by the practices as outlined in this privacy policy.

Amendment of Privacy Policy

Technoheaven, without any prior notice, may alter, change or modify this privacy policy by updating the amended content on Technoheaven’s website. If customers, visitors or members have any query or concern regarding our privacy policy, feel free to get in touch with us at:
P O Box: 111306
Office # 209, Al Kazim Building
Hor Al Anz, Deira, Dubai, UAE