Bonotel API XML Integration

Bonotel API XML Integration

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Founded in 1990, Bonotel Exclusive Travel is North America’s leading inbound tour operator wholesale distributor of curated, exclusive boutique luxury hotel rooms with unique luxury properties as a part of their inventories.

Bonotel Exclusive Travel is leading aggregator of luxury hotel rooms providing exclusive access to the most sought after luxury hotels in exciting destinations of USA including New York, California, Las Vegas, Orlando and more. They have high-end global customer base in more than 65 countries across 6 continents.

Bonotel’s exclusive portfolio include world’s finest hotels right from upscale boutique hotels and national park accommodations to deluxe hotels and resorts in the entire region of United States, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean.

Bonotel works with wide network of 2,200+ hotel partners and offer best electronic distribution to over 1,500 global tour operators through their IT platform.

Bonotel also have source markets in international destinations of Europe and Latin America. Also their largest markets are representing across Australia, UK and Germany.

Technoheaven has XML API Integration with Bonotel who specializes in Show Reservations, Luxury F.I.T. Accommodations, Sports Tickets, Limo Transfers, Golf Tee Times, Disney Park Tickets, and other luxury and tailored services.

Headout Activity XML Out

Technoheaven provides best Bonotel API XML Integration for tour operator and online travel agency enabling them to access Bonotel’s unique hotel inventory via Bonotel API.

Our team of experts provides integration of Bonotel API in online portal of travel agent. We allow integration of Bonotel’s inventory in online portal or website of online travel agency and tour operator via Bonotel API to provide customers with best availability search, pricing and bookings online.

Technoheaven is a leading travel technology company provides XML API to leading B2B travel product supplier; Bonotel Exclusive Travel. This makes it easy for travel agent to access huge global inventories and expand their business.

Bonotel API XML Integration provides travel agents with partial or complete XML API Integration according to requirements.

Through this Bonotel API Integration, travel agent and travel agency can reduce operational costs, expand global reach and grow their businesses in travel industry.

Our team has expertise in travel website development with best Bonotel API Integration solution to fulfil client’s business needs.

Join Technoheaven to get best benefits of Bonotel XML API Integration. To know more about how this Bonotel XML Integration works for your business, contact our expert team.