Omnibees Channel Manager

Omnibees Channel Manager

Omnibees Channel Manager

Technoheaven is a leading Travel Technology Company that integrates Omnibees Channel Manager for travel agents, hotels and travel companies.

Omnibees is global company with 750 distribution partners and 6,400 Hotels connected. Founded in 1998, Omnibees became leader in Brazil and Latin America in distribution, technology and intelligence solutions. They have headquarters in São Paulo.

Technoheaven integrates Omnibees Channel Manager for travel agents, travel agencies and travel companies.

Our integration with Omnibees Channel Manager allows travel agents to access to more than 6,400 hotels from Omnibees to expand their product offering and increase direct hotel reservations and sales.

Through Omnibees Channel Manager Integration, travel agents and hoteliers can distribute hotels to hundreds of channels and increase online hotel bookings.

With the help of Omnibees Channel Manager, travel agencies and hoteliers can easily update hotel room availability and pricing across different channels in one place and maximize profitability.

Technoheaven integrates Omnibees Channel Manager, Omnibees XML API Integration, Omnibees API for travel agents, hotels, hotel chains, tour operators, travel companies and travel management companies.

Omnibees Channel Manager

Through this Omnibees Channel Manager Integration, hoteliers can provide best hotel options and rates for customers to enhance booking experience and increase direct hotel reservations.

With Omnibees Channel Manager Integration, hotels, hotel chains, travel agencies, travel companies and tour operators can get access to vast Hotel Portfolio of Omnibees and maximize sales and profitability.

Our professional team easily integrate Omnibees Channel Manager into existing system of travel agencies and hotels.

We have expertise in Channel Manager Integration by connecting multiple hotel channel manager for travel agents, hotels, travel agencies, tour operators and travel companies.

Technoheaven is integrated with Omnibees Channel Manager to provide the best hotel options and build quality booking experience for customers Through this integration Omnibees channel manager can help to update availability and rates on different channels by eliminating manual hotel distribution processes.