Rigotel XML API Integration

Rigotel XML API Integration

Rigotel XML API Integration

rigotel.com is a popular brand of Oswald Arrigo Ltd which operates in the wholesale travel distribution sector. It connects bed banks and offline & online travel agencies (OTAs) directly with hotels and travel services or via third-party supplier connections. rigotel.com is sponsored by Oswald Arrigo Ltd, a powerful firm in the travel business for over 50 years. rigotel.com is B2B partner for both wholesale and retail travels. Rigotel is a B2b bed provider that directly contract hotels via our XML platform and sell to their clients around the globe.

Rigotel works with well-known suppliers of hotel products and contracts hotels directly to ensure that their clientele always has competitive prices and availability. Rigotel sales include both direct product and third product worldwide. Rigotel is a reliable XML API for easy connections to the entire product. Rigotel continuously connects to all the travel technology platforms.

Rigotel works through a reputable and authentic XML API that provides for all wholesale and retail travel requirements. Technoheaven has XML API Integration with Rigotel who has been working through the web services, channel managers and contracting department. Technoheaven has XML API Integration with Rigotel who directly contracts hotels via our XML platform and sell their services to their global clients.

Rigotel XML API Integration

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