Smy Rooms XML API Integration

Smy Rooms XML API Integration

Smy Rooms XML API Integration

Smy Rooms XML API Integration is an online tour operator and has practical experience in B2B distribution. Smy rooms are a worldwide online tour operator with over 10 years of involvement in the travel market as a major aspect of the Logitravel Group.

Smy Rooms XML Integration rise an extensive and varied product in excess of 600,000 hotels in their portfolio because of combination with in excess of 200 distribution channels.

Smy Rooms XML API Integration utilizes the most recent technology to give a quality reaction to their partners in under 1 second. Smy Rooms likewise have a search engine to optimize results. Today, there are many facilitating suppliers that thus have distinctive rates for a similar item.

The company was established with the point of providing the various brands of the groups and all their clients with their travel stock at competitive prices. Smy Rooms XML API Integration to offer their clients the most front line technology.

Why choose Smy Rooms XML API Integration?

  • More than 600k hotels around the world
  • State of the art technology
  • Optimization Service
Smy Rooms XML API Integration

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