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Established in 2009, Rayna tours is a top Destination Management Company, licensed by DTCM with its main headquarters in Dubai. It has made an everlasting existence in the travel industry by providing outstanding touristic service and catering to all types of B2B and B2C travel businesses.

In former years, Rayna Tours had adopted many software systems which worked to an extent to arrange the tasks and duties but did not include all the aspects to completely organize and coordinate the jobs, labor force and tools in a more impressive and steady manner. So it has requested for Technoheaven's featured task management system integrated with online booking technology, highlighting a unique filtering tool, customizable email notification, easy to understand interface and an integrated time monitoring system which will deliver end-to-end results for travel reservation, hotel reservation, operations, contracts, and distribution system. TMS will also facilitate it to obtain a prominent insight into the customer's needs that help to design and develop advertising campaigns according to their needs.

Rayna Tours is very delighted as the end product they are presently using is amazing and it also proposesTechnoheaven as a technology partner to everyone. Rayna Tours also uses Technoheaven's B2B solution which is very effective. This B2B booking engine helps in boosting sales by selling travel products worldwide through the sub-agent network. And more specifically they loved the unique quotation module, which is very helpful in creating the quote.

Mobile apps help to expand your business, customer service and promotional efforts to the most famous mobile platform and allow to connect your customers and employees to corporate systems. Rayna Tours has ordered Technoheaven's mobile application solution which will help the end users to do problem free bookings from their smartphones and to generate brand recognition of its products and services. Technoheaven acquires a vast range of custom programming expertise including the latest and most useful mobile advancement for android and IOS. We have remarkable apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple watch as well as for Android phones.

Agent Email Campaigning Module

Our Raynab2b software has done wonders for my business. I am extremely happy with it, and with the work done by the team at Techno Heaven. They have exceeded expectations and have made the best software. It is well-designed, innovative and high performing. Great job! I look forward to working with them again.

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Manoj Tulsani