Q-tickets XML Out

Q-tickets XML Out

Q-tickets XML Out

Founded in 2013, Q-tickets is one-stop ticketing platform of Movies, Events, Sports and Leisure.

Q-tickets is leading entertainment space brand empowering cinemas, artists, venues, festivals, sports leagues, and theaters to reach millions of fans. They convey the absolute best rugged excursions to fun family day-outs across all genres.

Discover the hottest movies, events, matches, live screening and everything at Q-tickets, the only entertainment guide of the Capital.

They are Qatar's largest suppliers of cinema management software delivering an extensive self-managed suite that offers all stakeholders with a smooth cinema experience.

They have been awarded with the title of “Best Enterprise Ticketing Solution Provider” and “Best Online Ticketing Enterprise” for their success in online ticketing.

Q-tickets XML Out

They have a dedicated team that works ceaselessly to deliver outstanding experiences and make box office management organised, flexible and competent.

Technoheaven has XML Out with Q-tickets – leading platform for Online Tickets Bookings of Movie & Events in Qatar.

Our integration of Tours Activities XML Out with Q-tickets will allow tour and activity providers to offer their customers with an exciting array of movies, sports, events and leisure activities along with an exceptional booking experience.

Welcome to Q-tickets Activities XML Out partner Technoheaven website. Technoheaven offers tour and activity providers with an excellent approach to connect via XML out with Q-tickets.

We can help tour and activity suppliers with the best Q-tickets XML Out functionality to bring their business to new heights. We have Tours Activities XML Out Integration with Viator, BeMyGuest and QiDZ.