Transfer XML API Integration

Transfer XML API Integration

Transfer XML API Integration

Transfer XML APIs are tools to integrate transfer inventory into online booking system of travel agency with best online search and book functionality to compare transfer option and book transfers online.

In Travel Industry, travel agents want the best online travel portal with advanced functionality of searching and booking transfers online to provide customers with the best transfer options and increase transfer bookings.

Technoheaven is a leading Travel Technology Company provides the best Transfer API XML Integration for travel agents and travel companies. With this Transfer XML API Integration, travel agents can get access to the best transfer inventory from global Transfer XML Suppliers into their online booking system via Transfer XML or Transfer API.

Our professional team has expertise in Transfer XML Integration by connecting third-party Transfer XML Suppliers including Hotelbeds and TBO Holidays.

Transfer XML API Integration via Technoheaven allows travel agents to get the best transfer options and rates directly from global transfer xml suppliers into their online travel system with advanced functionality of search & book transfers, multi-language, multi-currency and payment integration to develop best customer experience and increase transfer bookings.

With this Transfer XML API Integration, travel agents can provide best transfer options such as cars with transfer details including city of departure, destination, date, return date and more to improve customer booking experience and maximize transfer booking revenues.

Our team easily integrates Transfer XML functionality in your system and provides the large inventory of Transfers worldwide to customer.

With Transfer XML API Integration, travel agents get real time availability of transfers through XML Integration. It allow to access to transfer search and book functionality to get transfer bookings easily and increase the customer booking experience.

Technoheaven provides the best Transfer XML API Integration for B2B Travel Agent and B2C Travel Companies to provide customers with best transfer deals and get higher bookings for transfers.

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Let’s have a look at the benefits of Transfer XML:

What are the Benefits of Transfer XML?

  • Connect to global Transfer XML Suppliers
  • Easily integrated into travel system
  • Global Transfer Inventory
  • Real-time availability & rates
  • Search & Book Transfers Online
  • Easy Booking and Cancellation
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Multi-language & Multi-currency
  • Increase Customer Experience
  • Maximize Bookings & Revenues
  • Expand Global Reach