W2M WORLD2MEET is a Spain based company set up in 2008 as NT incoming and New Travelers under the ownership of GRUPO IBEROSTAR.

W2M's extensive client portfolio ranges from tour operators, travel agencies and bed banks to OTAs and wholesalers. They offer wide array of services ranging from tours, transfers and accommodations to excursions and handling services.

W2M has three major brands; W2M DMC, W2M API and W2M PRO. W2M DMC has evolved as one of the Spain’s largest receptive agencies and key partner for tour operators in destinations of Spain, Cuba, Andorra, Portugal and United States. They provide full tour operator support while catering the best travel services including groups, accommodation, transfers, vehicle rental, circuits and excursions and tickets.

W2M PRO is the main Spanish tour operator of hotels and services with specialization in sales of transfers, excursions and hotels. W2M Pro is a part of the World 2 Meet group having strong connection with 9,000+ travel agencies in destinations of Spain, Portugal and Italy. W2M Pro caters all kinds of regimes, establishments and categories with an extensive inventory of 500,000+ hotels in over 175 destinations across the world.

W2M API allows access to extensive W2M Portfolio with hotels and services in the destinations of Spain and Andorra hired by their local teams. They cater their services to tour operators, OTA, bed banks and wholesalers.


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